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Work Packages


Best Practice of condition-based pavement management

Analyse 'as is' processes and define 'to be processes'

VTI member

Indentification of datasets

Assessing what we need and what we can have

Bast member

Accessibility of data from multiple sources

Adding structure to the data. Data visualistation wish list

To be confirmed


Failure modes and critical factors (on operational level)

Material / Technical process - failure mode ->KPI -> measuremen

To be confirmed


Use and analysis of big data

Start to open up the datasets and investigate analysis tools

LNEC member

Testing and demonstration

Use the real data

Feedback loop to WP process to demonstrate BD process has added value

TRL member


Project Advisory Board

Linking projects and sharing experiences.

Future 'what-if?' scenarios


Dissem and administrative project management

Dissemination to internal / external audiences and PM