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FEHRL’s Strategic European Road and cross-modal Research and implementation Plan 2017 – 2020 (SERRP) was published in 2017 and identified Big Data as a topic of importance for highway research in the future. A group of FEHRL members, supported by FEHRL’s Forever Open Road Programme Manager decided to explore the opportunities that big data could provide for road administrations in design, operation and management of the highway network. Eventually, it was decided to focus on road pavement deterioration, investigating ways to incorporate today’s measurement techniques and explore additional data sets that could be used, to better predict deterioration of road pavements, giving road administrations better asset condition data and enabling preventative maintenance to be undertaken.

BASt have taken on the leadership of this group and a project plan has been developed with technical, administrative and dissemination work-packages identified. Whilst the focus on road pavements, some of the initial work-packages are focussed on data management and formatting and will be of use for future applications. Currently, the project partners are committing time or the results from existing national or reinvestment projects to address the early work-packages.




  • Big Data for Smart Pavement Management
  • a knowledge sharing initiative and not a project
  • knowledge-management
  • FEHRL initiative



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